Welcome to The Ruthless Court on Facebook!

01/04/2011 at 3:24 pm (The Ruthless Court) (, , )

The Ruthless Court has taken over WordPress and Twitter and now it’s taking Facebook by storm! We’ve launched a page especially dedicated to everything and anything about The Ruthless Court—the debut novel by father-and-daughter team Autumn and Bonny St. John.

The book is an escapist thriller dramatically jumping between the late 19th century, early 20th century and the present day. This exciting yarn outrageously turns key bits of British and Russian history into a fascinating, entertaining  tale, including the trickery and heart-stopping work of spies…past and present.

Our Facebook page will be a space for us to post pictures, links and videos about The Ruthless Court itself, the art of writing and anything else to do with the world of The Ruthless Court—including royalty, tennis, Russia and espionage, to name but a few subjects that feature in our tale.

The added beauty of Facebook pages is that not only can you become a ‘fan’ by ‘liking’ the page but you can also post your own links, photos and videos related to it. More than a novel, The Ruthless Court is a virtual lifestyle which you can share as you want, when you want with a community like no other—but will you get off the court alive??

There’s only one way to find out—enter The Ruthless Court on Facebook here and make yourself known to the court!

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