Welcome to The Ruthless Court!

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Welcome to The Ruthless Court, where it’s hard to get off the court–alive…

Allow us to tell you about this highly imaginative and entertaining yarn which spins some of Britain’s and Russia’s most historic events into a single, fantastic, human story.

But first, fire up your imagination to full burn. Lift-off achieved? Then, here’s the adventure you’re on.

The supposedly dead Prince Albert Victor, suspected by some of being Jack the Ripper, second in line to Queen Victoria’s throne, feuds with Rasputin for the love of the last Tsarina, Alexandra, at the Russian Imperial Court in St Petersburg. And to make sure he wins, he dangerously uses the first MI6 officer in Russia, Lenin, the coming, and then the actual Russian Revolution and even Henri Matisse. And the feuds don’t die with the Prince and Rasputin. Their noble descendants clash now at the Wimbledon Championships where the Queen is taken hostage. Current MI5 and MI6 spies in the UK and in Russia use their tricks to try to defeat the self-styled ruthless court behind the present day mayhem. But who are the ruthless court?

How? Why? Who? Questions you’re asking. It’s a great escapist read finding out the answers in The Ruthless Court.

And now that you’re a ruthless courtier, we – Bonny and Autumn St John, father and daughter – your servants in the blogosphere, provide links to all the info you might want (or not) to dip into as  you enjoy your Court.

The Ruthless Court. The first novel by father-and-daughter team Bonny and Autumn St. John, The Ruthless Court is a relentless thriller that dramatically jumps between the late 19th century, early 20th century and the present day. The exciting yarn focuses on an entertaining, heart-stopping version of key points in British and Russian history, as well as the work and lives of 21st century spies…

We’ve basically set up this blog to get the word out about The Ruthless Court, post excerpts from it, update you on our quest to get published and to comment on anything and everything else to do with the world of The Ruthless Court–such as tennis, the Royal Family and Russia, to name but a few subject matters we’ll be chewing the fat over in the days, weeks and months to come.


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